IMAGE: NYC from The New York Academy of Medicine

IMAGE: NYC is a powerful tool being used by planners, funders, legislators, direct service professionals, business executives, and others. Check out how they are putting the power of data to work.

Funding Allocation

Directing funds to communities in need.

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Direct Service

Meeting the needs of an aging population.

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Issue Advocacy

Getting food to where it is needed most.

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Resource Allocation

Allocating resources equitably.

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Information Hub

Accessing information and resources.

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Needs Assessment

Enhancing a survey-based report.

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LiveOn NY has been proud to utilize the IMAGE: NYC Map to better understand the varying resources available to older adults in communities across the five boroughs and the demographic trends that will shift the resources needed in any one community. For example, by mapping the locations of HUD 202 senior housing buildings, juxtaposed to the projected 65+ population in 2030, we are able to visually see where affordable senior housing investments may be most critical. This helps to inform and support our advocacy to address the affordable housing crisis that currently exists among older New Yorkers.
Andrea Cianfrani
LiveOn NY
Librarians throughout the Brooklyn Public Library system are now using IMAGE:NYC to help us better serve our older patrons. The map helps us understand where they live, which library branches they are close to, and where to target programs such as “Books By Mail” for those who need to bring library services to their homes. It also serves as an invaluable tool in providing information and resources to those older adults who walk through our doors every day.
Molly Kass-Kaufman
Brooklyn Public Library
The IMAGE: NYC Map has been such a helpful tool in our New Senior Center Directors Training as it has provided directors another opportunity to learn about and connect with the center's surrounding community. It equips directors with locating resources, information for programming and outreach, and it gives them quantitative data that supports the qualitative data they may already be familiar with. We are proud to share IMAGE: NYC Map because we believe it empowers and equips directors to represent and speak on their center with all types of audience.
Stephanie Ruiz
LiveOn NY